About Ross

Following his graduation from The State University of New York at Albany, with Bachelors degrees in Political Science, History and English in 1986, Ross Abelow continued his education at Brooklyn Law School. After receiving his Juris Doctor, he was admitted to the bar in 1989 and has since worked tirelessly to establish himself as a versatile lawyer and build a well-known partnership.


Through his New York-based partnership, Abelow & Cassandro, LLP, Ross has been able to help thousands of individuals through the most trying times of their lives. He has saved entertainers from exploitative contracts, defended the intellectual property of artists, and ensured that legal troubles don’t overwhelm his clients.


Known for his versatility, Ross Abelow has helped individuals through the painful and experience of divorce. As a voice of reason, he regularly ensures that both parties are properly represented during divorce negotiations, enabling both sides to get a fair deal. His fair practices and ability to diffuse tense situations have made Ross a renowned divorce attorney.


Ross has provided many entertainers with legal advice during his career. His services have ranged from helping clients understand contracts to protecting their creative works.  For many years, New York entertainers have relied on the legal protections, advice, and services provided to them by Mr. Abelow.


In recent years, Ross has dedicated a portion of his time to blogging for well known legal blogs. He also maintains a personal blog that detail his experiences and has cultivated a lively and informative presence on popular social media platforms.


Since the start of his career, Ross has been known for his persistence, dedication and commitment to his clients. In 2016, Ross recognized he could do more for his community and New York City as a whole. With this realization, he attached his distinguished name and extensive network of clients and peers to a cause aimed at benefiting the community he has served for many years. As part of this commitment, Ross launched a Go Fund Me in order to raise revenue for homeless animal shelters throughout the City. Many of the shelters in the City are inundated with animals during the brutal New York winters and quickly run out of space and funding for animals in need.  The fundraiser is aimed at offering much needed financial assistance with operational expenses and resources for animal shelters.


Outside of his professional and philanthropic activities, Mr. Abelow is an avid sports fan.  He is a lifelong fan of the New York Yankees, and also follows the Nicks, Rangers and Giants closely.  Ross enjoys listening to classic rock and sampling cuisine from many of the fine establishments around the City in his spare time.